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EA "absolutely" committed to Army of Two IP

But producer not sure if series would survive if second reviews flop

EA is "absolutely" committed to the Army of Two franchise, the game's producer has told CVG.

When asked in our just-published Army of Two: 40th Day interview, EA Montreal's Matt Turner replied: "Yeah, absolutely and that's great for us because we're really excited.

"The original didn't do that well critically but it did quite well sales-wise, so that was a big thing for EA. We've got two great characters and an interesting world to tell videogame stories.

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"We also have a talented and experienced team at Montreal that's been able to grow and learn from our first game in a huge way. Those things together, for the big-wigs at EA, is a win-win situation," he added.

As for whether the series could survive a second reviews flop, Turner's not so sure. "That's something that I honestly don't know," he said. "I would hope so.

"I like working with these characters and these games but that's going to be up to critics and we'll see how that gets received. I hope it does because it's a great game but I've no idea until it happens."

An Army of Two: 40th Day demo is due on Xbox Live and PSN this Thursday, December 17.