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Mass Effect 2 Interview

Producer on PS3, reviews and not maxing out 360

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How essential are the DLC packs going to be to the Mass Effect 2 experience?

Cho: Very. I can't talk about our detailed plans because for whatever reason we haven't lifted the embargo yet. This goes back to the whole sequel part: during development process of the first game we had so many things to worry about, but for Mass Effect 2 we'd gone through that before and we were like, 'we could've done that better'.

Downloadable content was always on our radar from day one. The team's actually been transitioning some members into creating DLC content already. What I can say is that we're going to be offering a lot more range of content from maybe a weapon, a new gun to new armours, new helmets, side quests up to full expansion packs. So a lot more variety to keep players engaged. For someone who wants a new weapon, they can have one, but I'd want more hours for the Mass Effect universe and those are going to be in the pack.


Is the GTA IV, full expansion pack approach something you'd consider?

Cho: I think so. It depends on the scale. The price range I think is really important so that we can give players good value for their money, I think that's really important. I think we see publishers and developers on one side unfairly price things.

It's about keeping players engaged in that world and not necessarily to always make a good profit. You've got to make some profit off that, but you don't have to do it off the backs of the consumers because I think gamers are not dumb and they'll support us with their wallets or not.

The readers on our forum keep asking if you're launching on Steam?

Cho: We do have plans for digital distribution but I'm not the one that says which service. There will definitely be a download service for Mass Effect 2.

Are you optimistic about review scores?

Cho: Yeah. Not in an egotistical way but from the sheer joy of craftsman knowing that the hard work that we put into it really shows through. We're just so sure that we've made a solid, good product...

So it goes without saying you think you'll do better than the first game?

Cho: Yeah.

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