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LittleBigPlanet Pirates Of The Caribbean pack detailed

Premium level pack features plenty of new thigns to do

Media Molecule has released a bunch of details on the upcoming Pirates Of The Caribbean premium level pack for its awesome platformer, LittleBigPlanet.

"Rumours say that the fearsome Davy Jones and his mighty Kraken have come to LittleBigPlanet to wreak havoc and claim some sack folk to serve as Davy's Crew," says MM. "Once again, it's going to fall to Sackboy to locate the only ship on LittleBigPlanet that has any chance of sending him back to the bottom of the sea."

Backstory aside this is what you get for £4.79 / €5.99 / US $5.99 / AUS $ 9.95 / NZD $11.50 on December 22:

New Gameplay features for Create: Water - Global Water Object, Scuba Gear, Bubble Machine, Water Switch
5 new Pirates of the Caribbean themed Levels
1 New costume: The Cannibal: Leg Bands, Teeth, Nose Decoration, Hair, Loincloth, Skin
4 new music tracks
A new level background
8 Materials
14 Decorations
27 Objects
133 Stickers
11 brand new PlayStation Trophies