Battlefield Heroes ranks top 3-million

Recruitment frenzy celebrated with sunny new map

'Free' stuff generally goes down well with the general public. 'Free' stuff that's pretty good, goes down even better. So perhaps no surprises to see the EA's clever 'experiment' Battlefield Heroes has already exceeded a whopping three-million players.

The 'free-to-play' third-person online shooter costs zilcho to download earns its dough through advertising and in-game sales, such as upgrades. It had already attracted two-million recruits by September, prompting one game update, and now, it's shot up by another million, too.

EA's reaction? To giftwrap players a brand new map, of course. Entitled 'Sunset Showdown', the add-on ships its warfare off to an island at the beginning of dusk, with tanks roaming its sunny side, and the shady side offering protection to encroaching troops.

Battlefield Heroes: Sunset Showdown map

Its general aim is to capture a church above a hilltop. You can download and launch the game at the official Battlefield Heroes site.