The 12 Compos of Christmas: Day 5

Win Left 4 Dead 2 for you and three friends.

Do you have friends? Are you looking to buy their love with zombies and violence? If you can honestly answer "yes" to both those questions, then there's probably something wrong with you. This is the competition with you.

Valve have furnished us with four Steam codes for one winner to spread around. Think of the fun you could have printing one of the codes off onto a piece of paper and attaching it to some fishing line? Why, anyone attempting to pluck it from the ground would be publicly humiliated! But Left 4 Dead 2, with new melee weapons, new levels and characters, is pretty special, and worth the embarrassment.

If you win, Nick, Ellis, Rochelle and Coach will be replaced with *real* friends, people who'll run off at inopportune moments, rage quit and irritate the Witch. If we haven't convinced you, why not visit the L4D website and see what the game's all about. And if that's still not enough, look what Craig's cat does when he tries to play the game. He might do the same for you, too.