Rare Christmas theme pics and card

Must nearly be that time of the year again?

Looks like 360 avatar developer Rare has one last update for 2009. A premium Xbox 360 theme and a Chriastmas card. Pics below.

"We have one final update before leaving the studio to fill our bellies with Beer 'n' Bird," says the dev.

"This morning saw us prop our very own Rare Holiday theme (or 'them' if you believe to the Xbox Live Marketplace. Filled with festive Rare delights, it adds a splash of Christmas spirit to your dashboard, replacing the dark and moody theme that usual occupies that space for most of the year."

Here's a look at what you can expect for 240 Microsoft points. We've also uploaded the annual Rare Christmas card, which usually features a few easter eggs. Can you spot any in this year's?