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GT Academy time trial now available

Get a petrol-y taster of Gran Turismo 5 right here, folks

Yes people, the GT Academy 2010 time trial (basically, a Gran Turismo 5 demo) is now officially available, and will allow you to compete for best times until 24 January next year.

Not only does this give you a sweet preview of the upcoming Gran Turismo 5, it allows you to fight it out for some sweet old prizes too: a REAL driver training programme to qualify for an international race license and a full race season in the European GT4 Cup driving a race-spec Nissan 370Z.

Oh. My. God. Is likely to be your reaction if you're a really, really big race fan and a dab hand at the wheel.

GT Academy 370Z time trial

GT Academy 2010 is open to gamers from 17 different countries, and anyone who's over 18 and holds a full driving license is eligible to get involved.

You can download the time trial from the PlayStation Store, where you'll get to hare around the iconic Indianapolis Motor Speedway in standard, road and tuned versions of the Nissan 370Z.

Head on over to the European PlayStation Blog, which features Polyphony Digital's Kazunori Yamauchi talking about the new game.