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PS3 leads 3D charge into home

Sony's console all set up for Blu-ray 3D

Good news for PS3 owners today with word from the Blu-ray Disc Association confirming that Sony's console is fully set up and ready to play the first generation of 3-D Blu-ray discs.

With the spec announced and finally settled by the BDA, the PS3 will be able to play two full 1080p streams, delivering the one per eye which most 3D technology demands and is expected to be the major platform for bringing 3D technology into the home.

BDA head honcho Victor Matsuda said, "Throughout this year, movie goers have shown an overwhelming preference for 3-D when presented with the option to see a theatrical release.

"In 2009 we saw Blu-ray firmly establish itself as the most rapidly adopted packaged media format ever introduced. We think the broad and rapid acceptance Blu-ray Disc already enjoys with consumers will be a factor in accelerating the uptake of 3-D in the home."

Bad news though for those with standalone Blu-ray players, as not all of them will be able to match the PS3's performance. Bet you're glad you lashed out on that PS3 Slim after all huh?

But before you get too excited, there's still no confirmed release date for 3D Blu-rays yet with CES just around the corner, we can probably expect some major announcements for 2010.