The Twelve Days of PC Gaming: Day 6

Win one of three Valve complete packs

What has every game Valve has released and is downloadable by you? Hey, it's the Valve complete pack. We expected a frog in a blender. The punchline to that really skidded drunkenly off the road, eh?

That's 22 games of unerring quality. All of the Half-Life series. Every multiplayer shooter they've ever released, including Team Fortress 2. If you wanted to buy the pack, it'd cost you £52, already a saving of £170. Seriously, check it out here. But if you're one of the three people we select as the winner of this competition, why then that's a 100% saving.

Craig's cat will not be making an appearance in this blog post. He's refused to sign a release form, saying he doesn't get out of bed for less than 10 crunchies. We will NOT be held to ransom.