Champ Man Season Live update

The latest CM Season Live is now available for download

"With Liverpool now out of Europe and facing the prospect of finishing outside the top 4, can you drag their injury savaged squad back into contention? Portsmouth are now adrift at the bottom of the table, and traditionally whoever is bottom towards Christmas faces the drop to the Championship, but can you save them?" asks the CM team. Probably not but it's worth a try.

The team has also sent word of a December update to the title. Here's the word:

December Update
Having continued to review CM10 ourselves internally, and following feedback from our forums we've been working on an update for the game which includes a number of improvements & enhancements.

Amongst the changes:

- Facilities upgrade bug fixed
- Injury tweaks (a reduction in the chances of injury caused by a certain type of tackle. This particularly affected wide players and forwards
- FIFA Rankings recalculated
- Fixed a crash caused when a national manager applies for an international job having only ever managed another international team
- Small number of Spanish B team names incorrect in English language version
- & other miscellaneous smaller tweaks/improvements.