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Aliens vs Predator un-banned in Australia

Sega effort granted 15 rating - with NO cuts

Sega Australia has successfully appealed the banning on Aliens vs. Predator in Australia, it's confirmed.

Bizarrely, despite containing "copious amounts of blood and gore", AvP's managed to dodge the ban without having any game content altered whatsoever - and it's been given a 15 rating.

"It is with great pleasure that we announce the success of our appeal," said Sega Australia boss, Darren Macbeth. "We are particularly proud that the game will be released in its original entirety, with no content altered or removed whatsoever. This is a big win for Australian gamers.

"We applaud the Classification Review Board on making a decision that clearly considers the context of the game, and is in line with the modern expectations of reasonable Australians", he added.

Special Edition packs for the region will be detailed at a later date, Sega said.