The 12 Compos of Christmas: Day 7

Chill your CPU with a Corsair cooler.

Baby, it's cold outside. And it is! Snow is literally everywhere, covering this green and pleasant land with a blanket of horrible freezing water/fantastic Christmas happiness, depending on your opinion on the stuff. If you think it's not snowing where you are, check again. IT WILL BE NOW.

While a step outside in current conditions is enough to have your nose flash-freeze in a millisecond before shearing it off at the base, our PCs are still running as hot as a person who is hot living in a hot country on a hot day. Scorcher.


Fortunately, we've been speaking with the lovely guys at Corsair, who have stepped in to make sure you're (even) cooler this Christmas. Their Hydro H50 CPU cooler (clicky) will fit Core 2 (LGA775), Core i7 and i5 (LGA1156 and LGA 1366), and even Socket AM2/AM3 AMD CPUs, and brings the ridiculous power of water-cooling to people who are a little confused and worried about the whole water + expensive electrical stuff equation. No pumps or panic: it's as easy as installing a regular cooler, but runs colder than its fan counterparts, and as silent as the soft snowfall of a magical Christmas morning. If you fancy one, you can buy it here

We have one to give away, so log in here for a chance to win one of these little miracles. And check back regularly, or the prizes you could've won will be lost in a snowdrift.