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Splinter Cell Conviction review will be worth delays - Ubi

"No one wants to be the team that sinks the franchise," jokes developer

Splinter Cell Conviction's first reviews will validate the huge delays it's suffered since first being announced way back in 2007, says Ubisoft.

Speaking to CVG in a soon-to-be-published interview, Conviction multiplayer head Patrick Redding said the reason the developer chose to hold the game back was "to make sure we're delivering a quality game."

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"I definitely do [think reviews will be worth the delays]," he said. "We have a lot of stake in Splinter Cell as a brand and the one thing I think we agree on internally is that no one wants to be the team that sinks the franchise," he joked.

On the stealth entry's extra-long development stretch, Redding said: "It's really important to take the time to make sure we have the right idea and the right vision, we've tested our assumptions against the realities of gameplay and real players. If you have to take the time and revise your assumptions then you do that.

"If you don't do that then you run the risk of delivering this white elephant that people look at and say 'what the hell are you guys thinking?' And you're not being honest with yourself as a developer.

"So I think it will bare it out because the reason that we've taken the time that we have is to make sure we're delivering a quality game."

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