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EA's monster sequel unveiled

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Some of our new set ups and enemies allow for more action oriented combat but to be clear the same building tension will remain. It will be interspersed with some action sequences but by no means is the new game a straight up action game.

Destructable environments and impaling weapons are the big new systems in the follow-up. Do these have as big an impact on gameplay as the original's dismemberment and if so, how?

Wright Bagwell, Creative Director: Destructible environments accomplish a few things:

First, it's odd when the interactive fidelity of game worlds doesn't match their visual fidelity, and we're trying to make sure they match up as much as possible. In a game where you can use telekinesis to manipulate objects, it's frustrating to see something that looks movable but isn't.

Second, some of the destructible items in the world will break into pieces that are useful in combat. These pieces can be used to inflict damage on enemies, and in some cases, can be used to impale enemies. So, resourceful players will be able to impale enemies by using debris in the world even if they don't have the Javelin gun. Some enemies (like the Slashers, for example) have dismemberable limbs that can be TKed and used to impale enemies.

Finally, combat looks and feels WAY more spectacular in a dynamic world, and makes combat feel more dangerous and satisfying. Exploders send debris flying, the force gun pushes debris around in spectacular fashion, and some other new, not yet revealed enemies and weapons also create a spectacle of destruction.

Fans of the original loved the brilliant, but few zero gravity sections. The new "decompression moments" look awesome. In what other ways are you keeping zero g sections impressive in Dead Space 2?

Wright Bagwell, Creative Director: We're not giving a lot of details about Zero-G right now but will be happy to discuss more details when I can.

Talking of Resident Evil 5, did you take any influence from the public's reaction to that? It wasn't as openly loved as its predecessor...

Steve Papoutsis, Executive Producer The team is avid gamers and certainly looked at RE5. As far as taking influence from that game I don't think you will see too many similarities. My personal favorites in that series were RE1 and RE4.

A lot of fans will argue that online multiplayer is an unnecessary addition to the brilliantly isolated and lonely scares of the single-player game. Why did you decide to add it anyway?

Steve Papoutsis, Executive Producer: We are not really discussing MP today. What I will say is we have a dedicated team working on the feature, are actively focus testing it, and will not ship a mode that degrades the quality of Dead Space 2 or the Dead Space franchise.

Can you give us any solid details on what multiplayer will be like? Early reports sound like Left 4 Dead in space... with playable necromorphs?

Steve Papoutsis, Executive Producer: You will be able to strategically dismember your friends. I'd be happy to talk more about it in the future though.

Finally, you've set yourself a pretty huge bar with the excellent original Dead Space. How determined are you to top it, and does that mean EA will delay and work on the sequel until you deem it good enough?

Steve Papoutsis, Executive Producer: As I mentioned we are focused 100% on quality and making a great sequel to the original Dead Space. The company is completely behind our team and Visceral Games. The game will ship when it is ready and meets with the teams and Visceral Games high quality standards.

I'd like to say thank you to all of the gamers who supported the original Dead Space, Dead Space Extraction, Dante's Inferno, and Visceral Games.

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