Opinion: New Year's Resolutions

Steve Boxer rants hard with some NY suggestions

Stuck for a New Year's Resolution? Listened to the government and given up smoking, drinking, sex, crystal meth, meat, sneezing into anything other than your elbow, leaving your bin open, driving over 20mph, making references to people's ethnicity or religious orientation and leaving the house after dark (or in adverse weather conditions) without a high-visibility jacket? Then you might want to consider suicide. Or the following.

1. Give up playing Facebook games. Firstly, they're shite, and your constant requests to your Facebook friends to join in just annoy them. Although you probably haven't actually met that many of them, so that's a minor point. But actually playing the infernal things merely encourages people to make more of them. If you're enough of a Facebook-freak to play Farmville and their ilk, you really need help, which can only be found at < HREF="http://www.seppukoo.com/" target="_blank">Seppukoo.com

2. Tape over the area of your screen which displays your Xbox Live Gamerscore. Achievement-whores are perhaps the most unpleasant social lepers Microsoft has ever created, and the company has a lot to answer for over the years in that respect.

3. Buy a PlayStation 3 and go to PlayStation Home. Someone has to (cf downloading a WiiWare/DSiWare/PSPgo game)

4. Build that level in LittleBigPlanet. It's been over a year now. And you clearly don't have anything better to do.

5. Go through an entire year without buying a game-of-a-film. This is one of those classic illusory New Year's Resolutions in which, by sticking to it, you'll actually be doing yourself a massive favour.

6. Resolve to reenact at least one scene you've seen in a videogame before 31 December comes around again. But remember to tip off the Daily Mail first.

Happy NY!