The 12 Compos of Christmas: Day 9

Win a subscription to PC Gamer

Close your eyes, let your thoughts and worries dribble out of your ears. Relax your brain and picture something: picture the present you want the most, the thing you'd sell a non-essential organ for.

Hell, the thing you'd sell a /fully-essential organ/ for - a heart, or pancreas or something - for a few spluttering seconds with the thing you've coveted for so long. Hold it there, in your mind's eye.

I know what it is. It's a PC Gamer subscription, isn't it? It is! Today, my close personal friend, is your lucky day. Put down that scalpel, wash that felt-tip-drawn dotted line from your skin and stop pointing at your chest - we demand none of your life-giving innards in return for this most precious of gifts. All you need do is log in here, and you might be the lucky person to receive a full year's worth of pure PC Gamer-ing, delivered straight to your cortex, via your postbox.

That's 13 issues of ultro-exclusive covers, 12 months of the world's number one PC games magazine, and a year of the best words what get writted about games by bester writers who done do that for an magazine.