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The 12 Compos of Christmas: Day 10

Win one of ten copies of Dragon Age: Origins

On the tenth day of the twelve days of PC gaming, my true love gave to me: A LAND, RAVAGED BY THE BLIGHT OF THE DARKSPAWN.

Wow! I was expecting some dancing women, or some rings, or something. Never mind, this gift is much better: frankly, I haven't got the fridge space for /three/ French hens.

The lovely internet shopkeepers at the EA Store have given us ten (10!) keys for the superlative Dragon Age: Origins - a game so impressive that our very own Ebenezer (John) Walker was compelled by the ghosts of Christmasses past, present, and future to award it 94%. He then threw a copy of the game to notable RPG fan Tiny Tim from his snow-encrusted window and invited all the local beggars into his house to eat the ten boars he'd killed on an earlier quest.

You won't need to have led an itinerant early life like little Timmy though, wandering the freezing streets of old London town, selling matches and flowers to haughty ladies, standing on your frostbitten tiptoes and peering in at the windows of those infinitely more well-off than yourself, yule log burning on the fire as children laugh and play in the warmth.

OH NO. All you need to do is log in here for a chance to win one of ten copies of Dragon Age: Origins! What an age we live in. Do it! Do it now!

NOTE: We're out the office until after New Years, so the winners will be updated after the holidays.