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The 12 Compos of Christmas: Day 11

Win a copy of Fallout 3, all its add-ons and a Pip-Boy

Gun shells 'ping', are you listening?

In your skull, brains are glistening

A shooter-full night,

You're happy to fight.

Walking in a nuclear wasteland.

Far away is a mutant,
Time to slay, he's a bastard.
You fire your big gun,
He's turned into chunks.
Walking in a nuclear wasteland.

In the subway you can shoot a ghoul-man,
Then laugh as his corpse tumbles down.

They'll say: what's the damage?
Fallout 3: for no cash!
You can also have the packs
to call your own.

Later on, build a pyre,
As you set men on fire.
The raiders you've flayed,
The murders you've made,
Walking in a nuclear wasteland.

In the ruins we de-limbed two men,
Upended them and heard them quietly groan.
You'll have lots of fun with lovely Fallout,
With free codes for the add-ons so you can pwn.

When it's free, ain't it thrilling,
Lots of time to get a killing,
Log in today, we're giving it away,
Walking in a nuclear wasteland.

As you'll definitely have gathered from that traditional song (that's the original version), we've got a copy of Fallout 3 and codes for all of its add-ons to give away on the penultimate day of our giveaway. That's Operation Anchorage, the Pitt, Point Lookout, Mothership Zeta, and the level-cap upping Broken Steel.

As a super-special mega-prize, you'll also get a real-life Pip-Boy (clock) to put on your arm (table). The VATS targeting system will come in handy around the dinner table on the 25th - breast or dark meat? Zoom in and work out your chances of getting a leg before greedy uncles! 71% chance to eat.

Log in here to win. One person will scoop the lot. And fast-travel back tomorrow for the last day of this most festive competition, and another fantastic prize.

NOTE: We're out the office until after New Year, so the winners will be updated after the holidays.