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Dead Space 2 release 2011?

US online retailer says sequel won't make 2010

We can't wait for Dead Space 2. Seriously, if you haven't picked up the first one yet, go and get it right now. It's well cheap. Take your time with it though, as you might not get hold of the sequel for quite some time...

Online retailer GameStop reckons the game won't see light of day until January 2011, which sounds way off in the future.

These online retailer dates are as right as they are wrong these days and the fact that EA hasn't pinned a release date on the game, don't do anything to calm our nerves.

Executive producer Steve Papoutsis told CVG: "The game will ship when it is ready and meets with the teams and Visceral Games high quality standards."

You can read all about the sequel in our Dead Space 2 interview, or for more info and the first screenshots pick up Official PlayStation Magazine and Xbox World 360 mag, on sale today.