Allods Online: Beta Key Giveaway

Free keys for the closed beta, right here, right now

Allods Online is a brand new free-to-play MMORPG based on Russia's most popular gaming series and to celebrate the launch of its closed beta phase, we've secured a fresh set of beta keys for you to give it a try.

You may remember we gave away 500 keys recently, but apparently a few of them were duds (not our fault we promise) so we twisted the arm of those nice people from Gala Net to give us another 1000 keys for you to enjoy.

So here they are: apply for your beta key by simply clicking here:

Get your Allods beta key now!

This video is no longer available

Made by Russian game developer Nival Online known for Rage of Mages in Europe and America and the makers of Heroes of Might and Magic V, Allods Online promises epic fantasy in a setting of floating islands (the Allods of the title) which drift in an expansive mystical substance known as Astral. Sounds intriguing and well, you'll get more of a flavour from watching the video and checking out the assorted screens scattered around this here page.

We've also got a full and detailed set of instructions for you this time, so that should see you right. Enjoy.

Step 1 Players need to register with at
- Players with a account will need to sign up to to play the European version

Step 2. Players need to confirm the email to activate their account
- If you have not received this email within a few hours, please check your SPAM mailbox

Step 3. Players need to enter their beta key at
- Wait approximately sixty minutes for their account to be authenticated.

Step 4. Players can download the game client, approximately 2.2GB from

Step 5. Install and patch the game to the latest version.
- Any installation problems can be addressed at

Step 6. Log into the game with your username and password

Step 7. Enjoy subscriptionless MMO gaming for life!