Mistwalker announcement next spring

Blue Dragon 360 dev running late

Hironobu Sakaguchi is getting ready to announce his new project, even though he should have done it already.

An update on the Mistwalker site reports that the announcement should have gone live this year but things didn't go to plan.

"This is a Sunday without any schedules. This is the scenery from the window of my hotel. It's beautiful, but it seems really cold. But, anyway it's cold.

"I'm staying in Tokyo. For meeting regarding new project had went well and also finished the year-end party with everyone from Mistwalker safely (I say "safely" because sometimes an injury can occur). What's left is the production meeting and year-end thank you night with my lawyer. I have a plan to drink with my best friend from junior high school... This is probably the true year-end party for me."


Hang in there, it's coming:

"This year has also past double-quick faster than last year. Time seems to be accelerating faster since I have passed 40. According to my superior, time seems to accelerate more when you are 50 or 60 years old. Life is too short.
That's why I drink alcohol... No, just kidding (^^; That's why I create my work ... That's the correct answer.

Here we go:

"I was planning to announce my new project within this year but it's a little late. Sorry about that. I imagine announcement will be starting around next spring. But I'm working really hard on this. The title is also decided.
Anyway I'm concentrating on creating something really good! I am working on condensing valuable time of my short life and the valuable energy of my staff without any regrets."

Any guesses? An RPG maybe?