Red Faction: Guerrilla patch details

No release date yet but at least you'll know what it'll fix

Red Faction: Guerrilla developer Volition has given out some details on the long-awaited patch for its open-world, third-person smash-'em-up.

"First and foremost, we appreciate your patience if you've run into issues with the PC version of RFG," reads the update. "All of the reporting and data gathering in this section of the forums has been very helpful. We've been working closely with Reactor Zero to funnel any issues from within this forum in an attempt to solve any issues."

The note added that while not every issue reported so far will be fixed in the first patch, the team will continue to investigate what needs fixing for later updates.

"We do not have a release date for the patch yet, since it's still being worked on and there may be more additions to the list below."

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  • 5.1 Surround Sound was not working properly for some users
  • Several crashes for users running ATI cards have been fixed (most often when accessing Display Options in game)
    Performance improved on ATI cards
  • Cursor Sensitivity for 360 controller has been tweaked. Before, moving diagonal and vertical adjustments moved at different speeds. They now move at equal speeds
  • Turret Sensitivity has been adjusted to work without having to drop the base value
  • MP Playlists will be updated to include all maps and modify certain options
  • Currently, a few maps are only available through Custom Matches
  • Some overlapping text and icons have been fixed
  • Modding will be disabled in online matchmaking games with this patch. It will still be available in LAN games, though no XP will be awarded there