Halo Legends: Final episode next week

'Origins' paves way for DVD release

The final Halo Legend preview episode, 'Origins', will be available to watch on Xbox Live next week, on Saturday, January 2, says MS.

"In Origins, fans of Halo lore will witness Forerunner battles with the Flood, through the present day ending of the "Halo" trilogy," reads the official blurb. "The episode will shed light on some of the main events of the Halo universe, which set the stage for the beloved series of Halo games."

The anime short will be available exclusively on Halo Waypoint for only 24 hours, says MS, paving the way for Legend's full DVD release in February 2010.

A behind-the-scenes look at the creation of Origins will air on Waypoint a week later, on Saturday, Jan. 9.