Star Wars: The Old Republic Imperial Agent screens

New character revealed for BioWare's MMO

Star Wars: The Old Republic has got a new character in the form of the Imperial Agent, who's described as "an expert at infiltration, seduction and assassination". Sam Fisher in space?

According to the unveiling on the Old Republic website, "The Imperial Agent is the ghost inside the Empire who ensures the people's loyalty. She could be your neighbor, your lover or your superior officer. When rebellion stirs, she silences or discredits those who commit treason. She's always alert, always watching for signs of dissent, and with a word, she can consign you to a dark cell for the rest of your life.


"The Imperial Agent is the undercover spy who's earned the trust of powerful individuals inside the Republic. She attends all the best parties, steals the plans of Senators and generals, and knows just what to sabotage and just who to kill to bring whole fleets crashing down around her. When she's discovered, she'll disappear with a smile."

If that sounds like you, then head on over to The Old Republic site for plenty more.