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Man buys MMO space station for $330,000

Real money spent on a not real space station

'Buzz Erik Lightyear' has been crowned winner of an auction for the Crystal Palace Space Station.

Entropia Universe has a "real cash economy" where $1 can buy you 10 PEDs (Project Entropia dollars) and Buzz snatched up the space station for a cool 3,300,000 PED (USD 330,000). The MMO was designed by Swedish-based MindArk and is a direct continuation of Project Entropia.

Buzz buzzed, "I was really hoping to win this auction. I believe Crystal Palace can be amazing since it won't just be owned by some investor, but instead by a very active, and very old player who loves Entropia Universe."

Apparently all Buzz has to do is "let the station run, set a decent tax rate, keep it stocked with things to hunt, and he can take all the PED he earns and translate it into cold, hard cash." He also needs to get his head read.

Any Entropia Universe players out there? Tell us what it's all about.