Sega: "Probably" no more mature Wii games

Poor MadWorld, Conduit sales force publisher's hand

Sega will "probably not" release any more mature-rated games for the Wii, following disappointing sales of MadWorld and The Conduit last year, it's said.

Sega of America development director, Constantine Hantzopoulos - perhaps named after some sort of Greek god - told 1UP: "Are we going to do more mature titles for the Wii? Probably not.

"It was a space that was open and we took a gamble on it," he added. "It's like, 'wow there's no mature games on the Wii, is there an audience out there?' We did some research and it said that there was an audience out there.

"I won't comment about Nintendo, they did champion The Conduit as 'this is a Nintendo game'... I think they did OK by us."

According to Hantzopoulos, growing gamers are buying into PS3 and Xbox 360 "much younger" than in previous console cycles. "That's exactly what we found out, anyone above 12-years-old was playing PS3 and Xbox 360 shooters."

We're more bothered by the dampening prospects of a MadWorld sequel than Conduit 2, to be honest.