Zac Efron's break-up threat over Xbox

Girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens annoyed by gaming obsession

High School Musical pretty boy, Zac Efron risks being dumped by co-star girlfriend, Vanessa Hudgens because videogames have "taken over his life", according to reports.

Fellow HSM star Hudgens has reportedly threatened to dump her actor boyfriend if he doesn't stop playing the stash of Xbox 360 games she gifted him for Christmas.

A source told Contact Music: "Vanessa has hardly seen him. He talks more to his friends online while blasting away at aliens or whatever, than to her.


"Vanessa has even tried joining in but her boredom threshold is a lot shorter than Zac's. She's on the verge of saying, 'It's either me or the Xbox.'"

Efron is the second celebrity lover to come under fire for his gaming habits, after Tennis ace Andy Murray was dumped by his girlfriend for playing Modern Warfare 2 for seven hours a day.

But as one reader so aptly put it on that case, "she may be fit, but Modern Warfare 2 is much better."