Monster Hunter Tri coming to Wii in April

Nintendo backs Capcom's big Wii game for 2010

Nintendo has backed Monster Hunter Tri for big things in 2010 by signing a distribution deal with Capcom.

The agreement sees Nintendo taking responsibility for the sales, marketing and distribution of Capcom's game which will be released in the UK in April.

"Nintendo has identified Monster Hunter Tri as a key title for the Wii platform in 2010," said Michael Pattison, the Senior Director Marketing at Capcom Europe. "We are really excited about partnering with Nintendo to further develop this franchise."

The game, which has been described by Capcom as 'one of the most strikingly beautiful games ever created for the Wii', sees players taking control of a hunter who has been sent to investigate a series of earthquakes that are threatening to destroy his village.

As the hunter embarks on a series of quests on land and at sea he encounters giant monsters... which he then hunts.

That's the story mode but there's also an online mode which sees you teaming up with three other players. You can also try out two-player split-screen.