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39% let kids play 18-rated games

Parents in the firing line in new survey

Over a third of UK parents (39 percent) let their kids play 18-rated games such as Modern Warfare 2 and Grand Theft Auto IV, despite not being suitable for their age group.

That's according to a survey conducted by discounts site, which concludes that a further 25 percent of mums and dads play the offending titles with their children.

Unfortunately for the watching Daily Mail journos though, it's not just games; the survey concludes that more than half of parents (53 percent) let their kiddies watch 18-rate films, while 66 percent allow music with explicit lyrics.

Managing director, Mark Pearson said: "I was surprised by how many parents have actually allowed their child to watch a film, play a game or listen to music knowing that they weren't old to do so.

"I think that every child is different and what is right for one might not be for another, but I do think that ratings are there for a reason, so parents should execute some caution on deciding what they should expose their children to."

As long as said games aren't used as a scapegoat when little jimmy robs the corner shop, it's all good.

Via NetworkWorld.