Runescape sequel still alive

Creator Jagex says it is keeping elements of cancelled Mechscape for all-new MMO title

Fans of Runescape rejoice - the MMO's creator has said that a spiritual sequel for the game is still in development, re-using many elements of cancelled project Mechscape.

Cambridgeshire-based Jagex revealed last month that Mechscape was to be spiked despite a large development budget.

However, Jagex boss Mark Gerhard has now revealed that the game's creation hasn't gone to waste - as it is using assets from the spiked release to help in the development of an all-new project.

Speaking to Develop, Gerhard said that the as-yet-untitled release is likely to be released next year - or even in 2010.

"There will certainly be assets from Mechscape that we can re-use," Gerhard explained.

"For example the engine has been developed for four years continuously, so the game we're starting today will benefit from all that hindsight tremendously."

He added: "We spent so much time on Mechscape because we kept changing it; it wasn't quite right.

"I think that given a solid brief - which we have now - and the team we have now, which is not just experienced, but so passionate and dedicated, it's very realistic that a year or so from now, we could have a game. Hey - maybe it will be even sooner."