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Movie tie-ins are "generally a piece of crap"

More time is needed says developer

A developer has stated the obvious and said that movie-based games are usually bad because of a lack of development time. It needed to be said again though, especially is the bosses (not ours) are reading.

Bob Jacob, Cinemaware co-founder, expalined, "As far as games and movies - there are inherent problems. The basic reason why so many bad games have been made on film licenses is simply because of a business reality that no one has been able to overcome yet.

"That reality is that the time it takes a film to [hit theaters after being green-lit] is never more than a year. What kind of a game can you do in a year? Generally a piece of crap.

"EA can get around that a little bit by throwing a few hundred guys at a project. But for the most part, it's been a pretty sorry history, and until we can solve the basic timing issues it's going to be tough."

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Have there been any movie tie-ins you thought weren't THAT bad recently?