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Gran Turismo 5 indy cars confirmed

Official PlayStation Magazine coughs up fresh nuggets

Official PlayStation Magazine has confirmed some new features for Sony's racer, Gran Turismo 5. And the racing comuunity seems pretty impressed with them.

According to the latest issue of the mag you can expect Indy (IRL) cars as well as weather effects and night racing for all tracks. In the grand scheme of things you'd have thought these would have already appeared in the series.

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GT Planet calls all this 'incredible news' and lists their pick of the OPM preview as:

  • 1,000+ vehicles
  • All vehicles have modeled cockpits (170 premium cars will have interior damage modeling)
  • All vehicles will have both physical and mechanical damage modeling
  • Indy (IRL) cars and tracks
  • NASCAR cars and track
  • Up to 16 players online
  • High-definition video uploads directly to YouTube
  • Multi-display rendering
  • Head-tracking
  • Full weather and night racing on all tracks
  • Night/Day on all tracks

Any of that turn you on? If it does and you fancy reading the whole preview, brand new screens and all, hit up the GamesRadar shop and get the latest issue delivered straight to your door.