Capcom: Hardcore gamers have disowned Wii

'Our future is on PS3 and Xbox 360' declares boss of Resident Evil publisher's France HQ

Resident Evil and Bionic Commando publisher Capcom is to move focus away from Wii and onto Xbox 360 and PS3 - as it admits that hardcore titles have underperformed on the Nintendo system.

Capcom France boss Antoine Seux told French site that "gamers' games" weren't selling on Wii - and that the firm's own Resident Evil 4 only did well on the console in 2007 because of a lack of competition.

He revealed that Wii release Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles had only sold 16,000 copies in its first three weeks - which he admitted were "below what we'd hoped". Compare that to the 140,000 Resident Evil 4 shifted and you can see why Seux called the lack of hardcore gamers on the system "a clear concern".

He added: "Development on Wii [is] very difficult, with an oversupply [of games] and a gamer market that has radically changed. [Hardcore games] are selling less and less on the console, [be it] MadWorld or Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop or House of the Dead: Overkill."

"Two years ago, there were still [hardcore] gamers on Wii, [but these have been] diverted from this console in favor of the new generation.

"The Wii console is very much a family commitment [and] rates relatively low. So for us, Capcom, the future is the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360."

His comments come in the same week that Sega of America development director Constantine Hantzopoulos said the firm would probably not develop any more hardcore games on the system.

Capcom has been one of the Wii's great supporters, with titles such as Zack And Wiki, Okami and Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles predecessor, The Umbrella Chronicles.

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