MS "no comment" on Natal downgrade

Internal Natal processor ditched to lower costs, says rumour

Microsoft has declined to comment on a rumour that Xbox motion cam, Natal has had one of its internal processor chips ditched in order to lower costs.

The chip, responsible for processing Natal's "bone system" is said to have been removed from the add-on in favour of a software solution. In other words, the Xbox 360 hardware will take on the work Natal would've otherwise managed itself.

According to our colleages at Tech Radar, Natal uses "between 10 to 15 percent" of the Xbox's computing power.

The rumour would support previous reports that Microsoft is aiming for a sub-£50 price point for the 360 add-on.

The processing shift from Natal hardware to Xbox 360 software would also make motion control patches for already-released Xbox 360 games very unlikely, as they'd require extra programming to take on the "bone system" work.

"Microsoft does not comment on rumour or speculation," a spokesperson told CVG.

Via Games Industry