Dead Or Alive 5 "in production" for PS3

Official PlayStation Magazine tips Tecmo's latest to go multi-platform

It might not have even been officially announced yet, but that hasn't stopped OPM bringing word that Tecmo's latest fighter won't be exclusive to Xbox 360.

Recent DoA fighting - and volleyball - games have remained exclusive to Xbox 360 for the past few years, mainly under the watchful eye of Tomonobu Itagaki. But seeing as though Itagaki is no longer at the publisher and developer, that throws the franchise wide open to new directions.


One new direction is PlayStation 3, rumours OPM in its latest issue. "Tecmo's next big-bosomed fighter, Dead Or Alive 5, is in production for PS3," boldly claims the UK mag.

With all the noise surrounding recent Street Fighter and Tekken releases, it's not surprising to see Tecmo wanting a piece of the blackeye pie. The last DOA game was part of the Xbox 360 launch, it's due a comeback.

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