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Mass Effect 3 already in development

Final part of sci-fi trilogy on the drawing board

BioWare has said that it is already working on the third Mass Effect title even though the second has yet to be released.

Speaking at CES in Las Vegas, project manager Casey Hudson wouldn't give much away on the final chapter in the trilogy, but he did say that, "We are already at work on Mass Effect 3. Building the first bits of the story, putting that together."

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Hudson also dropped word about DLC plans for the upcoming sequel, which sound all good. "We don't have anything specifically announced yet, but we basically plan for DLC pretty shortly after the release of the game and then a pretty intense schedule of downloadable content throughout.

"This is one of the big improvements that we've been able to do for Mass Effect 2. Lots of DLC and lots of really high quality DLC that players can look forward to."

Bring that on. All of it.