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MS: Natal to sell "millions" in 2010

Platform holder confident in sales

Microsoft expects Project Natal to sell millions of units by the end of the year.

The new Xbox 360 motion sensing tech - which tracks body movements in 3D using an RGB camera, depth sensor, microphone and custom processor - was recently confirmed for a 2010 launch.

"We think that there will be millions of Natals in consumer's homes this holiday," Xbox product manager Aaron Greenberg told Joystiq.

Earlier today we reported that fellow Xbox exec, David Hufford, said there "is no need" to launch a new console because software upgrades or hardware upgrades like Natal can give "new life" to Xbox 360.

Hufford reckons the console may not have reached the midpoint of its lifecycle, meaning we're unlikely to hear official word of a new Xbox for at least another couple of years.