Aliens vs. Predator 'completely unique', says creator

Developer Rebellion reveals details of new FPS title to CVG

Aliens vs. Predator creator Rebellion has called the game "completely unique" - with three-way carnage it says can't be found in any other next-gen title.

The release, inspired by Rebellion's own AvP game from 1999, pits the two monsters of its title against human space marines.

And the studio this week revealed details to CVG of its mouth-watering multiplayer mode.

When we asked if the game had any natural competition in the marketplace, Rebellion co-founder Jason Kingsley told us:

"Not as such - the three species interaction in AvP is completely unique. You normally have good guys or bad guys; in Halo you have humanity and your other creatures. But that's two sides. Our game has three - and the third side adds an interesting dimension, especially in multiplayer."

Describing online multiplayer modes, he added:

"Predator Hunt is just marines vs. Predators with no Aliens around. Another good one is Infestation, which has you starting off with one Alien surrounded by a load of marines.

"However, as soon as a marine gets killed, he turns into an Alien. That one's great fun from a social perspective. Eventually, there's just one marine running around screaming amongst all these Aliens.

"It also flips - you have to play the bad guy once you're dead, and it gives you the chance to settle grudges with the person who killed you in the first place. You're not just red or blue in this game; there's more social judgement involved."

AvP is due to be released on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC next month.

Check back later this week for more from our exclusive interview.