'Major' EA MMO coming spring 2011

No details given on the franchise, however

EA boss John Riccitiello confirmed last night that the company is working on a 'major' MMO for release next year.

Despite acknowledging the 'volatility' of the MMO market, Riccitiello promised that the title would be a "key driver" of EA's digital business in a conference call to investors.

He said: "On the digital side, while we've got a great number of key initiatives, one key driver is going to be the launch date of our major MMO.

"As it stands today, the game's making great progress towards a spring 2011 launch. Given the volatility of this sector and the fact we haven't provided a specific launch date, we're excluding the revenue from our FY11 plans and guidance."


The title's likely to be created by Mythic Entertainment, which EA merged with Bioware last year as an MMO/RPG super-developer.

Our money's on Star Wars:Old Republic, but could it be time for a Spore MMO? Which EA franchises would you like to see become massively multiplayer, dear readers?