Dante's Inferno the 'grandchild' of LOTR: Return Of The King

Developer Visceral also reveals God Of War influence on EA title

The developer of new EA action epic Dante's Inferno has revealed that major elements of the game 'evolved' from Lord Of The Rings: Return Of The King.

Visceral created both titles, and executive producer Jonathan Knight told Xbox World 360 this month that many of the same people worked on both titles - and that the LOTR title had a major impact on Dante's combat and cameras.

In addition, he revealed that Visceral considered Devil May Cry, God Of War, Ninja Gaiden and Street Fighter as major influences on the design of the game.

"[Visceral] had a lot of history before [we created] Dead Space," Knight told the mag. "We made LOTR: Return OF The King, which was a very respected licensed game.

"In many ways, Dante's Inferno is the grandchild of that. We still have some people who worked on it, and the authored cameras and melee combat have definitely evolved from that title."

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