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Star Trek Online offers 'ridiculous level of freedom'

PC Gamer has high hopes for MMO - but fears ground combat could let title down

PC Gamer has previewed Star Trek Online in its latest issue - and applauded the game for offering a 'ridiculous level of freedom'.

The mag's Tom Francis reports that players can veer off from the episode mission's main story to 'genuinely boldly go where no man has gone before'.

'The game uses its Genesis system to procedurally generate new stars, planets, and dynamic missions among them,' he writes.

'You can travel to this wild, unknown space at any time, alone or with friends, and just do whatever you most enjoy: there are distress calls to respond to, roaming enemy ships to fight, anomalies to scan and strange new worlds to beam down to.'

He adds: 'It's the ridiculous level of freedom you have that most excites me - in levelling up your character, fitting out your ship and cherry-picking your crew. I've changed my mind three times about what kind of captain I'm going to make first, and I never really dared hope we might get a Star Trek game that would inspire such a geek-out in me.'

However, the mag tells of its fears over the 'ropey' ground combat in the game, which it says has 'no real chance' of being 'brilliant by release'.

Star Trek Online is due for release on PC next month.

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