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Peter Molyneux: 2010 will be gaming's biggest year

Development legend bills next 12 months as golden age - "so long as we pull it off"

Microsoft's creative director Peter Molyneux has billed 2010 "the biggest year in gaming's history" - as he takes centre stage for the launch of Project Natal in November.

The Black & White creator has been busy working on gesture-recognising 'human sim' Milo , which he showed off at E3 in June, 2009 - and which looks set to launch alongside the motion-sensing Xbox 360 peripheral in November.

In addition, Molyneux is readying Fable III, the sequel to his award-winning Xbox 360 RPG. Molyneux has dropped heavy hints that this too will take advantage of Natal's motion-sensing tech.


Meanwhile, Molyneux (he's a busy bee, our Peter) is also beavering away on an 'unannounced project'. Who wants to bet that it also uses Natal?

"I'm most looking forward to the end of 2010 as it represents the biggest year ever for both myself and the industry," Molyneux told MCV this week.

"If we get to the end of the year pulling off half of what's on the cards it will be a landmark year for games."