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Beat City coming to DS

THQ dances into the rhythm-action genre

THQ is working on a new DS game dubbed Beat for DS, which it describes as an "easy to pick-up and play game featuring 20 colorful mini-games".

Beat City will be available this spring and aims to combines 'rhythm-based games with a story of revolution and love'. How do you like them apples?

Here's the word: "Players must find their rhythm in order to restore Beat City to the vibrant, melodious city it once was. Using the stylus, players simply tap, swipe or hold on queue to the music's beat in order to receive a high star rating within each mini-game.

"While players are tapping to the beat, they can watch the city transform right before their eyes ridding the city of Dame Isolde Minor and her Cacophony Corporation, who bring nothing but monotony. The better a player is at keeping the beat the more items are unlocked in the environment."

Beat City is being developed by Universomo.