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A new reader generated feature, are yours inside?

We heart our readers. No, seriously we do.

Oh of course there's the snarkers - for whom a gaming web site which spewed forth exclusive news 24-7, free beta keys and a side serving of free 3D Blu-ray porn would still not be quite good enough.

Yet for every one of those there is usually ten more who are witty, intriguing and just downright insightful - and who make us look at our news in an entirely different way.

So by way of a tribute to these bold buccaneers of the comments section, we thought we'd repost the best of the reader responses from this week - the ones which made us laugh, cry, howl; scratch our heads thoughtfully or, indeed, our bums ruminatively.

Who knows? If this kind of thing proves popular, we might even do a comment of the week with a regular prize.

Feel free to nominate your recent favourites in this article's comments section below.

Halo Reach vs. God Of War III for GOTY? Not likely...

"I completely agree with the article, the undiscovered country is the real thrill. Franchises are great but you know what to expect. Who knows what new titles and indie games might rock the internet? No one. Except maybe Nostradamus, he's dead though."
Spam23 - probes gaming's future, but it doesn't look as if Nostradamus will be of much help.

Heavy Rain Box Art Looks Wet
"Wet, moist and ready for some action"
I-am-from-space greets news of Heavy Rain's US box art rather too enthusiastically...

Xbox 360 is "fully 3D capable"

"...but when I play games or watch TV, I've got my phone, I've got all kinds of things going on. I get up, I get down, I'm looking outside at the weather"

Well there ya have it kids... home 3D will never take off because you have a phone, and you get up and you 'get down' (dancing perhaps?) and need to check the weather.

In the history of gaming, TVs, technology, phones, chairs, dancing and humanity, has an excuse for something not becoming popular ever been so well thought out?

Jensonjet is unimpressed by Xbox product manager, Aaron Greenberg's reasons on why 3D gaming in the living room may not take off

Fable III concept art released

"Ooh, a field!"
PMIKE5 sarcastically hails the release of new Fable III art

Halo Reach "The biggest title of 2010"

"I'm pretty sure that Heavy Rain: The Origami Killer is a bigger title than Halo Reach. It has 3 extra words in it...."
jazzy_p takes a rather literal approach to Halo Reach claims

"Zzzzzzzz I got bored of Halo after the 2nd. And ODST was a lame over priced and short expansion pack. Having said that, Microsoft could sell s**t in a bag if it had Halo written on it."
Squall5005 invents a whole new Spartan-themed product line

"Its going to arrive in a 10ft high case with 6ft high writing on."
lonewolf2002 has clearly had an early look at the Reach Limited edition box set

Microsoft: 'There's no need to launch a new Xbox'

"I can't see Sony or Microsoft releasing a new console for at least another couple of years. They both have powerful hardware (being enhanced with add-ons). Nintendo on the other hand, I can see producing a HD based Wii this year."

Nintendo Christmas 2010:- Wii HD.
Microsoft 2012:- Xbox 3D, Live based console with built in Natal.
Sony 2012:- Playstation 4 with 3D space controllers.

steve_2003 peers fairly convincingly into his gaming crystal ball