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Sony: MAG will make you buy a PS3

Platform holder says 256-player FPS will be 'tipping point' for new console purchasers

Sony has claimed that new FPS MAG will be a 'tipping point' for consumers to buy a PS3.

The 256-player online FPS is released later this month on January 29h in the UK, and has been turning a fair few heads - not least for its crazily huge multiplayer.

Sony confirmed the UK release date this morning, as reported by CVG. Mainland Europe will get the game two days earlier on January 27th, and it will hit Australia and New Zealand on January 28th.

"MAG is a very important IP for us and definitely a key exclusive for PS3," SCEE UK product manager Phil Lynch told MCV magazine this week. "MAG is a real statement of intent for us to engage fans of FPS games.


"With the successful Resistance along with Killzone 2 and now MAG, we feel we are a viable choice for gamers looking to get that much more from their console. MAG will definitely be one of the many tipping points for those who haven't got a PS3 to get one this January.

Lynch added: "Our sales expectations for MAG are high. Thanks to the massive success of titles like Modern Warfare, Killzone 2 and Resistance, FPS as a genre has become much more accessible to everyone.

"Allied to this, I think MAG's unique selling points of unparalleled scale and groundbreaking player command structure will really make it stand out against the competition."