God Of War Trilogy - a £110 GAME exclusive

You can only get it from one place - and pay one price, CVG reveals

The eagerly anticipated God Of War Trilogy will be exclusively sold through GAME and its subsidiary Gamestation in the UK, CVG can reveal.

That spells bad news for bargain-hunting consumers - as both retailers were listing the pack for a whopping £110 earlier in the week.

Sony confirmed the news about GAME's exclusive deal to us earlier today.

Unfortunately, as pricey as the pack undoubtedly is, it does look pretty special for GoW fans.

Not only does it contain God Of War III and HD re-makes of the first two titles in the series - but it boasts an artbook, soundtrack and a plethora of in-game extras, all contained in a sculpted Pandora's Box.

But is it really worth over a ton? Have any of you imported it from the US?

You tell us, readers...