Perfect Dark release weeks away?

Work complete, 1200 Points, release soon, says rumour

A juicy rumour has hit the web claiming that Rare's long-awaited Perfect Dark remake for Xbox Live Arcade is only weeks away.

According to an unnamed Xbox Live marketing representative, "The work is pretty much finished... as far as I'm aware, the conversion has been complete for some time now," reports Electronic Theater.


"We're expecting a release very soon, there's been talk that the game would launch in either the last week of January or beginning of February."

The unnamed rep continued, "Logic would suggest that it's safe to assume that would probably be the case, though of course with such a high profile title all parties involved would like to ensure the release doesn't clash with any other big games," and then added it's "1200 [Microsoft Points]. I thought that would have been obvious by now." Sounds like someone got out on the wrong side of the bed.

As for the official line, well, there isn't one. It's all just guesswork until Rare or Microsoft comes clean. Hopefully that will be soon.