Ringo Starr: 'I'm cr*p at Rock Band'

Beatle admits he can't play game themed around his own band

Beatles drummer Ringo Starr has admitted that he's "crap" at the drums on The Beatles Rock Band.

But the insurance-hawking skinsman wasn't down on the game - as he admitted those that could master it were "geniuses".

"I'm absolutely c**p at it," he told US TV Jimmy Fallon. "We tried it when they were putting it together and they'd bring all these geniuses out to play it. It's too frantic for me.

He added: "The graphics are great, I love the game and I love the music. But it's for young folk."

Ringo's not the first Beatle to admit he's no good at the game - Paul McCartney didn't even give it a try.

Still, at least they're both realistic about gaming. McCartney's ex, on the other hand...