Metro 2033 screens emerge from the dark

Fresh eyes on the underground shooter

Based on a best-selling SF novel by Dmitry Glukhovsky, Metro 2033 imagines the Russian capital thirty years after a nuclear holocaust. Here are some new screens to mull over.

We hopped over to Russia recently to take a look at the game. Here's a clip of what we found:

"Combat naturally forms the core of the game and the stand-up gun battles and general combat is enjoyable, challenging and most things you'd expect from a modern shooter. One particularly nice feature is the RPG-element when it comes to upgrading your weaponry.

"You can barter your way up to an impressive arsenal of ex-military Kalashnikovs or settle for crude but highly effective homemade ordinance and everything in between and it's a particularly nice touch that 50 calibre bullets have become the local currency."

Continued reading our Metro 2033 preview.