DSi XL 'not just for old people' - Nintendo

Console appeals to more people than its predecessors, platform holder tells CVG

Nintendo has rejected the idea that its new DSi XL is exclusively for older (as in, OAP) gamers - claiming that the handheld will appeal to more people than previous DS iterations.

The increased screen and pen size of the DSi XL have led some to assume that the device is custom made for short-sighted grandmas and grandpas.

But speaking exclusively to CVG, Nintendo senior product manager for DS James Honeywell said:

"It's absolutely not [just for old people]. DSi XL appeals to as many people, if not more, than its predecessors.

"With bigger screens and a larger pen-like stylus it's likely that older users may find the DSi XL easier and more comfortable to use but there are many more people it can and will appeal to.

"Gamers will undoubtedly appreciate the bigger screens so they can experience their favourite and the latest DS titles bigger and in a greater level of detail than ever before.

"We certainly know that a lot of families who play DS together will enjoy the wider viewing angle the DSi XL allows so they can play together at home and the fact the bigger stylus is less likely to get lost down the back of the sofa is another bonus for them."

Check back later in the week for our full interview with James Honeywell - to learn even more about Nintendo's plans for DSi XL.